Before Arranging A Visit

I welcome respectful slaves, both old and new, but I do ask and expect some basic courtesy when You come to see me, as anyone would.

Firstly, please ensure you have read My Specialities And Services and are sure that I will be able to offer what you are looking for. I offer a wide range of services but do have my boundaries, so it's best to check first to avoid disappointment. If You're note sure then please feel free to Contact Me to clarify first.

I ask you to be on time, and to notify me if for reasons outside of your control you are going to be late. I ask you to be clean but if you are traveling a long way to see me I do have shower facilities available.

Obviously I expect everyone to be respectful and courteous. Until W/we are in session I won't be overtly dominant or expect any specific submissive behaviour. I want you to feel comfortable and open when you speak to me about what you are hoping for from the session.

Finally, I don't negotiate about My Tribute. It would be unfair to other visitors if I vary my tribute to specific individuals and I never accede to attempts to negotiate so please don't ask.